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Life/form(R) Newborn Nursing Skills And ALS Simulator Expanded View

Life/form® Newborn Nursing Skills And ALS Simulator

This lifelike simulator is designed to train students in proper care and resuscitation techniques for full-term infants. Designed for use during the Neonatal Resuscitation Program® (NRP®), the simulator allows for training in a variety of key newborn healthcare procedures. Comes with everything needed for training, including the simulator, umbilical cord, omphalocele, syringes, and blood powder. See "Product Details" below for a complete list. Also comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Item: LF01400U

Unit Price: $760.00

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Key Features and Benefits

Life/form® Newborn Nursing Skills And ALS Simulator features:

  • Realistic anatomy of an infant born at full term:
    • weighs 7.5 lb
    • 19" long (crown to heel)
    • 14.5" head circumference
  • Training capabilities in:
    • Airway, breathing, and ventilation skills
      • Students can practice CPR
      • Accepts functioning 3.5 mm ET tube
      • Bilateral lung expansion with visually dramatic chest rise
      • Auscultation of lung sounds during ventilation
      • Instructors can manually control rate and depth of respiration
      • Positive pressure ventilation
      • Sellick's maneuver
      • Unilateral chest movement option (collapsed lung and mainstem intubation)
    • Chest tube insertion and care
    • Cleaning and diaper changing
      • Students can practice cleaning, bathing, and diaper changing
      • Waterproof and completely immersible in water
    • Gastrointestinal care
      • Left nostril accepts a functioning 8 FR nasogastric tube to practice tube feeding and suctioning
    • Monitoring
      • Various monitors, sensors, and electrodes may be attached and connected, just as they would be on a real newborn
    • Neural tube defect (myelomeningocele) recognition and care
      • Optional structure representing an open neural tube defect easily attaches to the back
    • Observation and measurement
      • Students can observe and measure each part of the body, including the head, umbilicus, and skin
      • Students can measure the height, weight, and circumference of the skull
    • Scenarios
      • Instructors can build customized high-risk delivery, emergency, transport, and NICU scenarios
    • Skin and wound care
      • Soft, durable, lifelike skin
      • Delicate appearance and texture of real skin
      • Students can practice visual observation, care, and bandaging
    • Suction
      • Students can practice suctioning the nose, oral cavity, and stomach
    • Umbilicus care
      • Patent umbilicus has venous and arterial access
      • Students can practice placement of umbilical lines
      • Students can practice blood withdrawal or infuse fluids through a catheter
      • A separate nonfunctioning umbilicus represents an optional omphalocele
      • Umbilical cords are made of soft, realistic material and can be attached and detached easily
    • Venous access
      • Embedded sites accept an IV catheter or a butterfly infusion needle
      • IV hand and foot with realistic flashback from pressurized system
      • Soft, lifelike skin with small lumen tubing for realistic practice
      • Patent umbilicus

Life/form® Newborn Nursing Skills And ALS Simulator benefits:

  • Flexible -- offers training opportunities for a number of commonly performed procedures
  • Perfect for team training in the delivery and care of multiples or other high-risk delivery and transport scenarios
  • Simple to use for simulation, requires no specialized equipment, and is compact and portable
  • Perfect for NICU, emergency medical response teams, flight medics, mock code scenarios, nursing schools, medical schools, hospitals, and parent and family education
  • Ideal for use with the Neonatal Resuscitation Program® (NRP®)

Comes with:

  • Newborn ALS manikin
  • Bilateral lung
  • Collapsed lung (unilateral)
  • Umbilical cord
  • Omphalocele
  • Attachable neural tube defect (myelomeningocele)
  • 3 cc syringe with needle
  • 25 ml syringe
  • 25 gauge butterfly needle
  • 2 500 ml fluid supply bags
  • 2 airways
  • 2 hand skins
  • 2 foot skins
  • Vein system for hand
  • Vein system for foot
  • Blood powder
  • Baby powder
  • Lubricant
  • Hard carrying case
  • Instructions for use
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Measurements:
    • 19" from crown to heel
    • 14.5" head circumference
  • Simulator weight: 7.5 lb

Accessories and Replacement Supplies

Life/form® Newborn Nursing Skills And ALS Simulator Replacement Airway (item no. ECLF01403U)
Life/form® Venous Blood (item no. ECLF00845U)
Life/form® Fluid Supply Bag (item no. ECLF01130U)
Life/form® Fluid Supply Stand (item no. ECLF01022U)

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