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Life/form(R) Basic GERi(TM) Manikin Expanded View

Life/form® Basic GERi™ Manikin

This realistic simulator is an economical option for skills practice in patient-care and diagnostic procedures. It features lifelike motion, an elderly look, and an overall female appearance that can be changed to a male appearance with the included components. Ideal for practicing skin inspection and care, bandaging techniques, cleaning, positioning, and other critical skills. Manikin comes with everything needed for training, including male and female genitalia, dentures, and a hearing aid; see "Product Details" below for a complete list. Also comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Item: LF04040U

Unit Price: $1,405.00

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Key Features and Benefits

Life/form® Basic GERi™ Manikin features:

  • Allows for training in:
    • Visual inspection:
      • Normal and cancerous mole
      • Stage 1 sacral ulcer (bedsore)
      • Dilated and constricted pupils
      • Reddened skin folds
    • Patient-care simulation:
      • Bandaging and wound dressing
      • Bed baths
      • Clothing changes
      • Denture placement and removal (upper and lower)
      • Ear canal irrigation, otic drops, and hearing aid placement
      • Eye irrigation
      • Finger and toe manipulation with bandaging (digits are flexible and individually molded)
      • Hair care (washing and combing)
      • Intramuscular injection (sites in the arm, thigh, and buttock)
      • Oral and nasal hygiene (lavage, gavage, and suctioning)
      • Ostomy care (ileostomy and colostomy tissue maintenance and appliance application, lavage, and suctioning)
      • Patient positioning
      • Patient transfer techniques
      • Pericare
      • Tracheostomy care (lavage and suctioning)
  • Complete lifelike range of motion for realistic patient positioning
  • Non-pinching joints
  • Size of a full-grown adult (measures 58")
  • Elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds
  • Overall female appearance that converts to male with the removal of wig and attachment of male genitals

Life/form® Basic GERi™ Manikin benefits:

  • Versatile manikin combines a variety of important patient-care skills into one trainer for more comprehensive, realistic training
  • Realistic full-body anatomy helps students learn realistic patient-handling skills
  • Ideal for OBRA-required training
  • Lightweight manikin is easy to transport to training sites

Comes with:

  • GERi Manikin
  • Male and female genitalia
  • Wig
  • Dentures
  • Hearing aid
  • 12 cc syringe
  • Instructions for use
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Measures 58" long
  • Shipping weight: 30 lb
  • Serial number located on back of right shoulder

Accessories and Replacement Supplies

Life/form® GERi™/KERi™ Blood Pressure Arm (item no. ECLF04079U)
Life/form® GERi™/KERi™ Edema Foot With Deep Tissue Injury (item no. ECLF04084U)
Life/form® GERi™/KERi™ Pressure Ulcer Foot (item no. ECLF04041U)

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