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Life/form(R) First Aid Arm Expanded View

Life/form® First Aid Arm

This lifelike training arm allows for practice of critical bleeding-control and wound-treatment techniques. Realistic trainer offers an arm wound and a severed thumb, with synthetic blood that can flow from both at arterial and venous flow rates controlled by the Instructor. Comes with the arm, a severed thumb, an arterial pulse bulb, a venous supply bag, a quart of simulated blood, a blood collection tray that allows blood to be reused, a hard carrying case, instructions for use, and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Item: LF01005U

Unit Price: $685.00

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Key Features and Benefits

Life/form® First Aid Arm features:

  • Look and feel of a real arm
  • Pressure points at wrist and upper arm that function realistically
  • Arm wound
  • Severed thumb, which allows training in proper care and handling of severed body parts
  • Simulated blood, which can flow from either wound (or both at the same time)
  • Venous or arterial flow of blood, which flows at a rate the Instructor can control
  • Collection tray that captures synthetic blood for reuse
  • Training capabilities in the proper techniques used to control severe bleeding:
    • direct pressure
    • tourniquet
    • pressure points

Life/form® First Aid Arm benefits:

  • Lifelike look and feel add realism to training, helping prepare students for real patients
  • Allows students to react just as they would in an actual emergency, and select the appropriate method to control bleeding and treat the wound
  • With the ability to make the trainer bleed through one or both wounds, regulate the rate of bleeding, and create venous or arterial flow, the Instructor can control the training scenario and adapt it to students' needs

Comes with:

  • First aid arm
  • Severed thumb
  • Arterial pulse bulb
  • Venous supply bag
  • Quart of simulated blood
  • Blood collection tray
  • Instructions for use
  • Hard carrying case
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Measures 28" x 12" x 8"
  • Shipping weight: 21 lb

Additional Supplies Needed for Operation

Fluid supply stand (sold separately)

Accessories and Replacement Supplies

Life/form® Fluid Supply Stand (item no. ECLF01022U)
Life/form® Fluid Supply Bag (item no. ECLF01130U)
Life/form® Venous Blood (item no. ECLF00845U)

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