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SMART STAT Basic with iPad(R) Expanded View

SMART STAT Basic with iPad®

Ideal for use in the lab or in the field, this flexible simulator lets students practice advanced life support skills while Instructors step back and control the scenario using the iPad and the intuitive SMART STAT app. The simulator's on-board and enclosed air compressor and electronics package remove the peripheral baggage of other scenario trainers, and Instructors can easily transfer student performance records to a computer and print chronological scenario event logs. Simulator comes with an iPad, a USB cable, a blood pressure cuff, a package of replacement parts, a cardiac/trauma-related drug list, shorts, and a hard storage case with wheels. Measures 57" x 34" x 12"; weighs 130 lb. NOTE: This product is not eligible for the standard 30-day return policy.

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Key Features and Benefits

SMART STAT Basic with iPad® features:

  • STAT Deluxe Airway Management Head designed for LT, ET, LMA, and Combitube
  • Advanced airway features, including tongue edema, laryngospasm, cricothyrotomy, and breakout teeth
  • ECG training capabilities:
    • 4-lead recognition of 17 rhythms
    • Defibrillation and cardio conversion
    • Variable rates
    • Pacing
  • Emergent lung sounds (anterior and posterior)
  • Emergent heart sounds
  • Blood pressure arm that allows Instructors to:
    • Independently vary systolic and diastolic pressures
    • Make Korotkoff sound changes
    • Vary the amplitude of the sound
  • Intravenous arm with a wide range of motion and full venous access from dorsal hand to upper arm, allowing for practice of:
    • Infusion
    • Withdrawal
    • Drug therapy titration
    • Sharps control
    • Securing
    • Intramuscular injections
  • 12 pulse points in pairs:
    • Carotid
    • Femoral
    • Popliteal
    • Pedal (dorsal arch)
    • Radial
    • Brachial (IV armantecubital, BP arm biceps pressure point)
  • Pulses that vary according to ECG rhythm, and distal pulses that drop off under 70 mm Hg systolic
  • Bilateral chest decompression:
    • Right- or left-sided
    • Partial or complete pneumothorax
    • Audible air discharge upon proper catheterization, with no repair necessary
  • Bilateral chest tube insertion with an auxiliary fluid bag that allows for simulated discharge
  • Virtual capnography and oximetry
  • Printable chronological student session reports and scenarios that are easy to establish
  • Start-up library with scenario samples

iPad with SMART STAT app features:

  • User-friendly visual interface
  • Customizable medication and skill lists that can be tailored to the Instructor's curriculum
  • Easy-to-use control screen that lets Instructors build and adapt patient scenarios, and track student progress
  • Simple navigation back to chosen default settings
  • Simulated patient monitoring on the iPad, or by connecting to an external monitor

SMART STAT Basic with iPad® benefits:

  • Portability -- completely wireless and tetherless operation means you can train anywhere in a wide variety of realistic scenarios
  • Flexibility -- can be used to train practitioners of ALS and BLS, nurses, paramedics, physicians, and other students
  • Convenience -- Instructors can create custom scenarios to meet their students' needs, and can track progress and print reports with the easy-to-use iPad app

Comes with:

  • SMART STAT Basic manikin
  • iPad
  • USB cable
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Cardiac/trauma-related drug list
  • Package of replacement parts, including 10 neck skins, 6 pneumothorax pads, an IV vein kit, 4 IM injection pads, and 3 sets of teeth
  • Hard carry case with wheels
  • Simulaids logo shorts
  • Instructions for use
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

NOTE: This product is not eligible for the standard 30-day return policy.

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Measures 57" x 34" x 12"
  • Weight: 130 lb

Additional Supplies Needed for Operation

The SMART STAT app (available as a free download in the Apple App Store)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I upgrade my current PDA STAT manikin to work with the iPad?
A: No, PDA STAT is not compatible with the iPad and SMART STAT app.

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