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Practi-MASK(R) Adult/Child CPR Training Mask (Package of 10) Expanded View

Practi-MASK® Adult/Child CPR Training Mask (Package of 10)

A cost-effective solution for teaching students to perform CPR with a mask! These convenient masks allow for the sanitary sharing of adult or child manikins and prepare students for the use of a mask during an actual resuscitation. Soft, pliable bladders conform well to adult or child manikin faces. Valves sold separately. Latex-free.

Work 'n Leisure Products
Item: 5000TM

Unit Price: $31.95 for a package of 10

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Soft, pliable bladders
  • Masks fit adult and child manikins
  • Latex-free
  • Keeps training sanitary without having to wipe down manikins between students
  • Prepares students for real-life mask rescues
  • Masks conform well to manikin faces
  • Can be used with adult or child manikins for increased training flexibility
  • Affordable enough to distribute to all students

Comes with:

  • 10 adult/child masks

Dimensions and Specifications

Measures 8" x 9" x 5.5"
Valves not included
No oxygen port; masks are for training purposes only

Additional Supplies Needed for Operation

Training valves (see below)

Accessories, Replacement Supplies, and Related Products

Practi-VALVE® Training Valve (Package of 10) (item no. EC5000TV)
Rescue Mask Training Adaptor 10-Pack (item no. EC10076-PPA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which manikins should I use with these training masks?
A: These masks work with all adult and child manikins we carry, and can be used in all situations in which a traditional pocket mask would be used for training.

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