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Rescue Mask Training Adaptor 10-Pack Expanded View

Rescue Mask Training Adaptor 10-Pack

An innovative replacement training valve that fits most CPR face masks -- and helps save on manikin training filter costs! Purchase one of these affordable valves for each student, and use with Instructor's CPR mask.

Prestan Products
Item: 10076-PPA

Unit Price: $11.97 for a package of 10

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Key Features and Benefits

Rescue Mask Training Adaptor features:

  • Integral air filter that obstructs the flow of contaminants
  • Fits most standard masks
  • Latex-free

Rescue Mask Training Adaptor benefits:

  • Allows for sharing of a single mask by multiple students
  • Affordable to distribute to all students

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Package of 10 training valves
  • Instruction sheet
  • Valves are for training purposes only

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