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STAT Baby Expanded View


This highly realistic infant simulator offers healthcare providers training in a wide range of lifesaving skills, including 4-lead monitoring, intubation, tongue swells, laryngospasm, trach care, chest tube placement, bilateral pneumothorax relief, IV therapy, intramuscular injection, intraosseous fluid administration, defibrillation, catheter insertion, and more. Also includes an ECG rhythm generator for arrhythmia recognition training. Features lifelike infant size, weight, and feel for realistic victim-handling practice.

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Key Features and Benefits

STAT Baby features:

  • Accurate female infant anatomy
  • Realistic size, weight, and feel of an infant
  • Realistic range of motion
  • Intubation head
  • NG tube placement with fluid reservoir
  • Brachial, femoral, and carotid pulse locations
  • 3 IV sites (right side antecubital, dorsal hand, and left saphenous pedal)
  • Intramuscular left deltoid and thigh and injection sites, and subcutaneous left triceps injection site
  • Intraosseous (IO) leg
  • PICC line
  • Bilateral sites for pneumothorax relief
  • Electrode placement areas for 4-lead monitoring
  • Defibrillation capabilities
  • ECG rhythm generator with 17 adult and pediatric rhythms, including:
    • V. fib
    • V. tach (fast)
    • V. tach (slow)
    • V. tach (polymorphic)
    • A. fib
    • A. flutter
    • SVT
    • Sinus tach
    • Sinus with PVCs
    • Asystole
    • NSR
    • Junctional brady
    • Sinus brady
    • 2nd degree type I A-V block
    • 2nd degree type II A-V block
    • 2nd degree type II A-V block with PVCs
    • 3rd degree A-V block
  • Waveforms, including:
    • Sinus brady
    • Junctional brady
    • 2nd degree type I A-V block
    • 2nd degree type II A-V block
    • 2nd degree type II A-V block with PVCs
    • 3rd degree A-V block

STAT Baby benefits:

  • Accurate anatomy allows for realistic training
  • Varied features allow for training in an array of lifesaving skills, with practice in areas such as:
    • 4-lead monitoring
    • ET tube insertion
    • LMA insertion
    • NG tube placement
    • Sellick's maneuver
    • Feeding tube care
    • 6 pulse points
    • Oral and nasal intubation
    • Tongue edema
    • Laryngospasm
    • Trach care
    • Left side chest tube placement
    • Bilateral pneumothorax reduction
    • IV therapy
    • Intramuscular injection
    • Intraosseous fluid administration
    • Rectal medication
    • Foley catheter insertion
    • Defibrillation
    • Arrhythmia training
  • Arrhythmia simulation feature puts the instructor in control of training
  • Accepts standard ET, OPA, NPA, and LMA airways

Simulator comes with:

  • STAT Baby simulator
  • Set of extremity skins
  • IV vein kit
  • 4 reservoir bags
  • Set of defibrillator adapters
  • ECG rhythm generator
  • 4 pneumothorax sites
  • 2 injection sites
  • Picc line site
  • Simulated blood powder
  • Carrying bag
  • Instructions for use
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Shipping weight: 26 lb
  • Measures 35" x 13" x 8"

Accessories and Replacement Supplies

Arrhythmia Simulator Box w/ Adjustable Heart Rate (item no. EC102)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this simulator have injection sites?
A: Yes, it has two injection sites.

Q: Is this simulator equipped with defib adapters?
A: Yes, the STAT Baby has an ECG simulator with defib adapters. It is capable of having defibrillation cables connected (only certain AED trainers can be used).

Q: What age does the STAT Baby simulate?
A: This simulator is sized as a 15-pound, 9-month-old infant.

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